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You want to buy Highwaymen art? We sell Highwaymen art.
You want to sell Highwaymen art? We buy Highwaymen art.
You want Highwaymen art appraised? We appraise Highwaymen art.


Sold - Harold Newton - Oil on Upson



We issue certificates of authenticity, appraisal, and attribution.


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We'd like to thank all our visitors to our highwaymen website during the last fifteen years. When we established this web presence in the year 2000, after exhibiting at antique shows for five years, we noted about a half dozen sites devoted to Florida highwaymen art. Now the count has at least doubled, including many by some of the artists themselves, who are now aggressively marketing their new work. The highwayman art market is certainly firmly established.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank the pioneers who latched onto this market in the early days, the mid 1990's, and shaped and molded it into what it has become today.

First and foremost, thank you Jim and Anne Fitch, the true ground breakers and delightful people who introduced this art to the public via publication of several articles in "Arts and Antiques around Florida".

And to Jeff Klinkenberg for his early stories in the St Pete Times.

Thanks to Geoff Cook, who had a vision and stayed the course.

Thanks to Dave and Sue Folds, the first major dealers of highwaymen art.  Their loft was a highwaymen warehouse. (Back in those days, we dealers were literally begging people to invest in Alfred Hair's work at $25 to $35 for full size, and Harold Newton's at $150 to $250. )

Thanks to John Phillips, who relentlessly promoted this art at shows around the state before retiring in 2007.

Thanks to collector extraordinaire Tim Jacobs.

And to collector Scott Schlesinger for all of his many important contributions to the market.

Thanks to Jean and Ty Tyson, Micanopy's finest and most successful dealers during their run. They had a special appreciation for the best of the best.

And a very special thanks to the Backus Gallery and Kathleen Frederick, who finally accepted the highwaymen as legitimate collectible artists after years of resistance. It was an important step for this market.


Many of you have already been financially rewarded. We anticipate continued growth well into the future for quality vintage pieces.



We exhibit at shows or by appointment.



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  This web page is designed to allow you to relax at your computer and view our extensive art inventory, and if you wish, call or E-mail us and purchase our paintings.


(727) 809-1691


We always need to acquire new inventory.


* If you have a very special Harold Newton or Alfred Hair painting and it's time to retire, or maybe you could just use some money, call us. We have a home for it. *


Our extensive inventory includes original

 paintings by The Highwaymen:

(Click on name to view paintings by artist)


The Dean of Florida Landscape Artists:


A. E. Backus

 (1906 - 1990)




The Original 26 Highwaymen:


Harold Newton (1934 - 1994)
Alfred Hair (1941 - 1970)
Sam Newton (1948 - )
Lemuel Newton (1950 - 2014)
Al Black (1947 - )
Livingston Roberts (1942 - 2004)
Johnny Daniels (1954 - 2009)
Willie Daniels (1950 - )
Mary Ann Carroll (1940 - )
R. A. Mc Lendon (1932 - )
Al Moran (1930 - 2003)
James Gibson (1938 - )
Curtis Arnett (1950 - )
Hezekiah Baker (1940 - 2007)
Charles Walker (1945 - )
Robert Butler (1943 - 2014)
Ellis Buckner (1943 - 1991)
Charles Wheeler (1946 - )
Issac Knight (1941 - )
George Buckner (1942 - 2002)
S. M. Wells (1938 - )
Carnell Smith (1950 - 2015)
John Maynor (1948 - 2016)
Willie Reagan (1939 - )
Rodney Demps (1953 - )
Robert Lewis (1941 - )




We also carry many paintings by other artists






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Shot in February 2009, but aired in July 2009 on NBC National News.
Face time for the late J Daniels, Kelvin Hair, and Geoff Cook.

Click here to watch the segment on YouTube.




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